Welcome to the Veteran Fund


It’s time to start thinking differently about raising money for Veterans Charities.

What we do

The Veteran Fund is the not-for-profit partner of Arcs of Fire Investments. Led by a blue-ribbon Board of stand-out Veterans and business leaders, the Veteran Fund will ensure the money raised is put to work helping Canadian Veterans. 

How can you help?

Talk to your investment advisor today about the Arcs of Fire Tactical Balanced Fund. If this new mutual fund is right for you, a portion of your management fees will be put to use helping Veterans and their families in need. 

Get Involved

Do you operate a Veterans’ charity or organization that helps injured Veterans and their families? If so, contact us and let’s partner to help your organization do more. 



The Veteran Fund will develop new strategies that will raise money through partnerships with business and social enterprise. 


Small sum contributions could generate significant new money for Veterans’ charities. 


Join us and lets take the financial pressure off Canadian Veterans’ charities. 

Partnership with Arcs of Fire Investments

The Arcs of Fire Tactical Balanced Fund is the first mutual fund available to the Canadian investing public that has a built-in donation that will be used to help Veterans’ in need.